ViolentShitThe title says it all!  This 1989 chunk of German shot-on-video slop, made for a reported 5,000 marks, attained some notoriety on the underground video circuit back in the early nineties (when the German NEKROMANTIK was all the rage). Back then the film’s creators, the self-proclaimed “Violent Shitters,” aggressively flogged VHS copies of the film and its soundtrack CD at horror conventions, and turned out a VIOLENT SHIT 2 in 1992 and a part 3 in 1999.

A young boy is yelled at by his mother so he stabs her to death. Cut to “Twenty Years Later,” when the boy has just broken out of the mental hospital where he spent the past couple decades.

A gaggle of retarded kids are being driven through the woods. Stopping off for a piss, the kids’ overseers are slashed up by the protagonist. Later that night a woman’s car breaks down in the area and she’s chopped up by the maniac, who makes a point of slicing off one of her boobs and eating it.

The following morning the freak chops off an arm and the penis of a good Samaritan motorist. He also splits the skull of a tree trimmer and uses the dead man’s electric saw to slice his partner up.

Is this psycho finished? Hardly! The following night he disembowels a motorist and then attacks a man outside a church before undergoing a final bloody metamorphosis…

Quite simply, everything about this 73-minute monstrosity sucks. The acting is shit, the cheap video photography looks like it was lensed on somebody’s old VHS camcorder (which it most likely was), the narrative is a clumsy mess, the audio sounds like it was recorded in an echo chamber, the gore effects are laughably inept, and the whole thing is set to an awful, wailing synthesizer score. I could go on, but I think you get the drift.

The most dispiriting thing about VIOLENT SHIT is the fact that it’s proven far more influential on today’s no-budget gore fests than the likes of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH. Those films were competently made, after all, which places them far outside the scope of most modern horror indies, which tend to be amateurish, unconvincing and plain worthless affairs—just like VIOLENT SHIT!

Vital Statistics

Blood Pictures/Reel Gore

Director: Andreas Schnaas
Producers: “The Violent Shitters”
Screenwriter: Andreas Schnaas
Cinematography: Steve A.
Editing: Steve A.
Cast: “K. The Butcher Shitter,” Gabi Bazner, Uwe Boldt, Marco Hegele, Lars Warncke, Werner Kninfke, Bettina X, Andreas Schnaas