2016: A Look Back in Bedlam

Here we have The Bedlam Files’ first-ever “Look Back,” covering the previous year’s noteworthy happenings in the world of cult/horror film and literature.

Night Show

Rereading the book, I found that its initial hold remains largely intact; NIGHT SHOW is nothing if not a page-turner, with a consistently inventive narrative and some mighty potent nastiness.

Natural Enemies

This taut and compact first person shocker is simply one of the most disturbing novels to emerge from the 1970s.

Mom Kills Kids and Self

That title tells the story of this odd and troubling late seventies artifact, a somewhat experimental, psychologically based account of grief and madness.

The Martyr

THE MARTYR is easily one of the most wrenching and upsetting novels of any sort to emerge from a decade that saw more than its share of disturbing fiction.

Here Comes a Candle

As he often did, Brown adds many eccentric and unexpected elements, including a warped sense of humor and a pointed political angle, as well as quite a few experimental touches that place HERE COMES A CANDLE in a category of its own.