2016: A Look Back in Bedlam

Here we have The Bedlam Files’ first-ever “Look Back,” covering the previous year’s noteworthy happenings in the world of cult/horror film and literature.

A Look Back in Horror: 2009

Here it is, my second annual look back at many noteworthy events in the world of horror film and literature, as well as a listing of the recently deceased

A Dirge for Some Dead Dot-Coms

I’ve seen countless horror websites come and go, most of which will not be missed by me or probably anyone else (I’ll never forget the nineties-era online critic whose “reviews” consisted of quotes from John McCarty). Below you’ll find listings for some departed horror-themed sites that I feel were worthy (obviously the John McCarty parrot site is not among them!)

Claude Seignolle in English

Back in 1983 the late Lawrence Durrell predicted that the French horror writer Claude Seignolle “will draw a large audience in the United States and that his place in literature eventually will be as assured as Ambrose Bierce’s is today.” Obviously that forecast has yet to bear fruit, but Durrell’s estimation of Seignolle’s importance is, I believe, entirely correct.