This 1950 Mexican horror fest is notable for its similarities to PSYCHO, which it preceded by a decade

The Curious Case of Jonathan Demme

The untimely demise of film director Jonathan Demme on April 26, 2017 has inspired a number of obituaries. All, unsurprisingly, have been downright orgasmic about his accomplishments.

Making Friday the 13th

Written by an obvious fan of the series, this heavily illustrated paperback is a voluminous look at the eleven FRIDAY THE 13th films.

Open Season

Here’s a perfect case study in how a bad movie adaptation can tarnish the reputation of a really good book.

No Way to Treat a Lady

The wit, verve and imagination that characterize Goldman’s best work are very much evident in this suspenseful and macabre novel that predates everything from DEXTER to NATURAL BORN KILLERS in its furiously inventive account of the fortunes of a mass murderer. I say it’s one of William Goldman’s finest books.

Mr. Overby is Falling: the Director’s Cut

After reading this newly revised “Director’s Cut” version, which contains a retrospective introduction by the author and several newly written footnotes, I fully understand the book’s popularity.