Making Friday the 13th

Written by an obvious fan of the series, this heavily illustrated paperback is a voluminous look at the eleven FRIDAY THE 13th films.

One for the Road

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This is the official sequel to THE EXORCIST (the novel) written by its creator William Peter Blatty. Most of the things that made THE EXORCIST such a memorable read are in evidence in LEGION, including page-turning suspense, strong characterizations and a powerful sense of raging evil.


HORNS, it turns out, is far better overall than its predecessor, fulfilling many things the previous book promised but didn’t deliver.

Hero and the Terror

HERO AND THE TERROR, alas, inspired little attention of any sort; note the bland cover art and dearth of critical blurbs on the hardcover edition. There’s a reason for the neglect, of course, as truth be told this simply isn’t a very good book.

Escape From Hell

That book remains an invigorating jaunt through Dante’s Inferno, with the deceased science fiction writer Allen Carpenter traversing the nine circles of Hell.