An amalgamation of educational drama and grade-Z science fiction that was the first ever non-documentary film made expressly for IMAX


From Germany, a failed attempt at artsploitation that was completed in 1975 but not released until two years later–and then promptly forgotten!

The New Neighbor

Certainly THE NEW NEIGHBOR showcases nearly all its author’s strengths…and, yes, a few of his weaknesses.


This profusely illustrated limited edition 2010 hardcover (which is already a collector’s item) was promoted as the definitive edition of this “neglected masterpiece,” featuring a newly written introduction by Colin Wilson and 12 short stories and a nonfiction piece by Visiak.

Love Song

LOVE SONG is part of the pornographic cycle penned by the famous sci-fi author, Philip Jose Farmer, which includes better-known works like IMAGE OF THE BEAST, BLOWN and A FEAST UNKNOWN. This novel, LOVE SONG, is easily the best of the bunch — a defiantly unique, psychologically astute and, naturally, very dirty concoction.

Lord Horror

LORD HORROR was never reprinted after its initial run (a large portion of which was confiscated by British police), making this one of the rarest and most sought-after horror novels of all time, and the most famous entry in Savoy Books’ multi-media Lord Horror saga.

Jeanne’s Journal

Those lucky few who’ve read Arlette Ryvers’ translation of JEANNE’S JOURNAL all seem to exhibit similarly awe-struck reactions, and having finally gotten around to experiencing this pervy masterwork myself, I fully understand the adulation.