The Nursery

It can be read as the literary equivalent of the Christian scare films of Ron Ormond and others, what with its consistently sleazy and exploitive set-pieces matched by equally consistent Christian sermonizing to remind us that we shouldn’t be enjoying the lovingly described mayhem.

The New Neighbor

Certainly THE NEW NEIGHBOR showcases nearly all its author’s strengths…and, yes, a few of his weaknesses.


Another novel that falls into the interesting-but-not-entirely-successful category.

Madam Sex Thief

Reading this delirious relic from the glory days of erotic fiction, it occurred to me that there exist very few fictional treatments of the horrors of castration. The only serious contenders I can think of are Jim Thompson’s THE NOTHING MAN and EAT THEM ALIVE by Pierce Nace, and MADAM SEX THIEF outdoes both in grossness and outrage.

Love Song

LOVE SONG is part of the pornographic cycle penned by the famous sci-fi author, Philip Jose Farmer, which includes better-known works like IMAGE OF THE BEAST, BLOWN and A FEAST UNKNOWN. This novel, LOVE SONG, is easily the best of the bunch — a defiantly unique, psychologically astute and, naturally, very dirty concoction.

Jeanne’s Journal

Those lucky few who’ve read Arlette Ryvers’ translation of JEANNE’S JOURNAL all seem to exhibit similarly awe-struck reactions, and having finally gotten around to experiencing this pervy masterwork myself, I fully understand the adulation.

House of Pain

It doesn’t exactly break new ground (naughty nuns are hardly a novelty in erotic fiction), and I’m not entirely sure the “classic” tag is appropriate, but HOUSE OF PAIN does nonetheless deserve credit for the very real sense of anguish that emanates from its pages.

The Gas

The idea of a man-made drug causing people to lose their sexual inhibitions had been done before THE GAS saw print and after, but no other novel took the concept as far as Platt did.