This graphic novel, initially published in 1999, would appear to be the wild card among Joe Lansdale’s comic work

The New Dead

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Hot in December

This blistering novella by the incomparable Joe Lansdale is something of a companion-piece to his 1989 psycho-noir masterpiece COLD IN JULY..

God of the Razor

An essential volume for Joe Lansdale fans, this is a 20th anniversary hardcover reprinting of Lansdale’s splat happy 1987 classic THE NIGHTRUNNERS.

Freezer Burn

A wildly profane and plain crazy concoction that reads like a deranged collaboration between Flannery O’Connor and Jim Thompson.

Christmas with the Dead

Here we have a wonderful Christmas themed zombie mash by the incomparable Joe Lansdale. Running a quick 29 pages and packed with inventive carnage, it’s precisely the type of thing Mr. Lansdale could likely dash off in his sleep (zombies aren’t exactly an unfamiliar theme in Lansdale’s fiction: see his novel DEAD IN THE WEST and novella “On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks”). Yet CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD has a terrifically quirky and endearing arc, even if it does feature many over-familiar elements.

Blood & Shadows

This isn’t the best comic miniseries scripted by the great Joe R. Lansdale, but it is almost certainly the craziest. It’s safe to say that in this time-tripping, epoch-spanning 4-issue epic about the fearsome God of the Razor (introduced in Lansdale’s novel THE NIGHTRUNNERS), Lansdale has gone clear over the top in every possible respect.

And Now the Nightmare Begins: The Horror Zine

The latest volume from the irrepressible Jeani Rector (of AFTER DARK, OPEN GRAVE and AROUND A DARK CORNER fame) was this anthology culled from her self-created Horror Zine ( The zine, begun in July of 2009, has provided a myriad of stories, poems and artwork, all represented in this book, which alternates seasoned veterans like Ramsey Campbell and Joe R. Lansdale with many lesser known talents (some still in their teens).