An oddity from Quebec that warrants a recommendation, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s so insanely inventive

Freak Museum

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I Will Rise

Books like this are the reason I slog through so many “underground” horror novels, most of which leave me cold.

Geek Love

Here’s an object you rarely ever see: a novel with something for everybody. GEEK LOVE is an unabashedly horrific saga with enough grotesquerie to satisfy the most demanding horror buff, yet it also has the charm and erudition required to sate the literary crowd.

Freezer Burn

A wildly profane and plain crazy concoction that reads like a deranged collaboration between Flannery O’Connor and Jim Thompson.

Freaks’ Amour

A classic of freak lit that predated the better-known GEEK LOVE by nearly a full decade. FREAKS’ AMOUR would appear to have been an influence on the latter novel in its notably perceptive depiction of the day-to-day lives of some severely deformed individuals.

A Family Failure

A young man’s elders attempt to transform him into a tree(!) in this German-originated nightmare in ink. Quintessentially European in tone and conception, it’s been compared with THE METAMORPHOSIS, yet A FAMILY FAILURE occupies a category of its own.


An account of telepathy and bodily possession that reads like a Harold Robbins or Sidney Sheldon potboiler with a horrific edge.

Doc Good’s Traveling Show

I’ve never been shy in admitting I don’t like SHADOW OF THE DARK ANGEL, the previous novel by Gene O’Neill. His follow-up is this science fiction-tinged novella, which went down far better with me. DOC GOOD’S TRAVELLING SHOW is intriguing and absorbing, set in a minutely detailed future world with a scope that borders on epic. It’s only 83 pages, yet the book never feels the slightest bit rushed or compressed.