The Night Before Christmas

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, which is not to be confused with other better-known accounts bearing that title, is apparently quite revered in its native land, where it’s regularly read to children on Christmas Eve.

A Monster at Christmas

Here’s an illustrated Christmas tale we can all enjoy, an extended 44-page poem about a little boy terrorized by toothy monsters that emerge from his closet on Christmas Eve.

The M.D.: A Horror Story

I’ve long assumed the fault was with me and not the book, but rereading it all these years later my reaction was essentially the same: I still find the first part brilliant and the last far less so.


So this book isn’t exactly great–far from it, in fact. But for those of you with a rooting interest in Krampus, it will definitely satisfy.

The Hundred Year Christmas

In which David Morrell, the master of relentless and oft-horrific thrillers, tries his hand at a Christmas-themed Children’s story.

Gaston Leroux’s Phantom Stories

In truth, however, only one of the nine Leroux stories collected here is PHANTOM related: “The Real Opera Ghost,” a nonfiction account of the actual crimes that inspired the novel.

Sausagey Santa

While about as deep as a Bugs Bunny cartoon, SAUSAGEY SANTA is fun, mean-spirited and hyper-imaginative. It’s not as experimental as I feared it might be, as the emphasis is on action and invention.