Evangelical silliness about a subject that if you ask me should be more widely covered in Christian cinema: Hell


INFERNO is something else entirely: a sprightly, surreal and totally captivating fantasy with a daring take on the inferno as imagined by Dante Alighieri.

Hellfire & Damnation

In horror fiction, as in most any other sort, true originality is an increasingly rare commodity. But it does exist, as proven by Connie Wilson’s HELLFIRE AND DAMNATION, an anthology that is genuinely, blazingly original.

Hellbound Hearts

With a stable of first-rate authors–Neil Gaiman, Tim Lebbon, Christopher Golden, Sarah Langan and Gary Braunbeck–you can count on a good read at the very least. I’m not entirely sure, however, that all the contributors understood what makes the material distinctive.


A very odd, and very culturally specific, look at Hell from a noted Japanese science fiction writer.

God’s Demon

I was more than pleased, then, to discover GOD’S DEMON by Wayne Barlowe, a panoramic, multi-faceted epic set in Hell.

Freaks and Fantasies

As for FREAKS AND FANTASIES, it’s the first Robbins publication in over sixty years, and for that reason alone deserves a look.