This ambitious French science fiction drama from 1972 can be viewed as the little-known forerunner of CLOSE ENOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND


This 1950 Mexican horror fest is notable for its similarities to PSYCHO, which it preceded by a decade

Miss Homicide Plays the Flute

Content-wise it’s sold as “A relentless symphony of pleasantries and things unpleasant sketched with the inimitable style of a master’s hand.” I couldn’t have put it better myself!

The Lucid Dreaming

In this lively 86-page novella the world is destroyed by a plague that causes people to dream while awake; seeing as how this is a horror story, a lot of killing and insanity are sure to ensue.

The Green Round

The elusive final novel by Arthur Machen, one of horror fiction’s most distinct and influential talents.

From Inside

As a veritable epic of sustained surreality this graphic novel is fairly remarkable.

Frankenstein ’69

I’ll say this: I really want to sample whatever the pseudonymous Ed Martin was on when he wrote this mess!

Fantastic Memories

As the title promises, this short story collection purports to be a compilation of memories, most of them fantastic and/or macabre in nature.


I know quite a few critics have proclaimed this sprawling epic, the middle portion of Clive Barker’s still-unfinished trilogy that began with THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, an imaginative masterpiece. I, on the other hand, find it a mess.

Escher’s Loops

I haven’t read enough of Serbia’s Zoran Zivkovic to properly judge this novel’s place in his lexicon, but I strongly doubt he’ll ever write a richer or more confounding novel.