An oddity from Quebec that warrants a recommendation, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s so insanely inventive


Yes, this is a movie novelization, and yes, it does suffer from quite a few of the pratfalls afflicting most such books…Overall, however, it’s far better than the majority of movie novelizations I’ve read, which really shouldn’t be surprising considering that the film was written and directed by the inimitable David Cronenberg…


What was the best film of 1996? That’s easy: David Cronenberg’s CRASH.


The first feature by David Cronenberg, 1975’s SHIVERS pretty much set the stage for what was to come from “Dave Deprave.” It is at once a superbly imaginative, genuinely shocking horror fest and a sobering look at the possible consequences of late-60’s experimentation on succeeding generations.


There’s never been another novel like this one, and that includes those of its author, the brilliant James Graham Ballard. CRASH was adapted from a short piece that initially appeared in Ballard’s ATROCITY EXHIBITION (1969).


CONSUMED is the better-late-than-never debut novel 71-year-old David Cronenberg. It has a thoroughly unique and individual voice that falls somewhere between those of William Gibson and Don DeLillo in its concentration on technological minutiae and elegant perversity. It’s also fully in keeping with the obsessions and subject matter of Cronenberg’s films.