Comic-Con Questions and Claims

Comic-Con, held in July of every year, invariably captures the interest of every media outlet in the land, and it is, quite simply, the premiere event of its kind


A most welcome reprinting of what until 2017 was one of Stephen King’s scarcest books

The Nail

Over-the-top gore is what this comic mini promises and delivers. If you’re looking for something beyond that you should probably pick something else.

Mister E

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Lord Horror: Reverbstorm

A graphic novel rendering of the notorious Lord Horror mythos that shows up most of today’s purveyors of “extreme horror” as the poseurs they are.

Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft

The opening scenes of LOCKE AND KEY are somewhat chaotic and confusing, but the narrative gradually sharpens itself into a streamlined tale of terror with the forward drive of a good novel.

Kid Eternity

This three part comic miniseries is almost certainly one of the darkest, most psychotic works ever scripted by the demented Grant Morrison, and believe you me, that’s no small claim!

Junk Culture

Writer/artist Ted McKeever can always be counted on for the unique and unexpected. Those things are in ample evidence in this two-issue comic from the DC imprint Vertigo, which can itself usually be counted on for the unique and unexpected.