Robert Moore was a prolific contributor to the famed smut book outfit Olympia Press and its offshoot Ophelia, under whose imprint the present book appeared


Although I’m sure its author and publisher would be loath to admit it, this historical reverie is very much a horror novel

Cannibal Holocaust

This hugely controversial exploitation epic is easily the best of the Italian cannibal movies of the late 70’s. It’s also one of the most repellent…

Night in the Lonesome October

Like quite a few (if not most) of Laymon’s novels, it pivots on horny young people, is related in startlingly immediate minute-by-minute fashion, and is a damn satisfying read overall.

Midnight’s Lair

MIDNIGHT’S LAIR isn’t my favorite novel by the late Richard Laymon, but it is compact, fast moving and imaginative in the best Laymon tradition.


Get this: somewhere in the skuzzier regions of Astoria, Oregon a failed musician is afflicted with a permanent erection while having to contend with human-sized preying mantises, which include the hero’s own wife

Joko’s Anniversary

Maybe this obscure exercise in European absurdism doesn’t belong in a horror book review, but it does contain generous helpings of mutilation, cannibalism and demonic possession.

From Inside

As a veritable epic of sustained surreality this graphic novel is fairly remarkable.