This Canadian made DELIVERANCE wannabe may be frustratingly little known, but it’s one of the finest films of its type


Another novel for those who think they’ve heard it all, it being the story of a talking hole. Yes, a hole, or rather an oubliette, which not only serves as the story’s chief driving force but also narrates the thing.

A Dream Like Mine

The issue of Native American exploitation is given an alternately gritty and hallucinatory airing in this novel, a starkly violent thriller with a mystical edge. The setting is an Indian reservation in Ontario, Canada, where an unnamed white male reporter is thrust into an intense drama.

Count Dracula’s Canadian Affair

In the seminal “Fantasy Five-Foot Bookshelf” feature in THE TWILIGHT ZONE Magazine, R.S. Hadji places this dreadful novel at number 3 on his “Worst Stinkers of the Weird” list. I believe he was being overly generous, as I’d probably move it up to number one.


Implausible? Let’s see. Set in early 1960s Canada, CHANGELINGS is about a twin brother and sister who were sexually abused as children and as a result have developed multiple personalities.


This little-known Canadian relic offers a novel take on the oft-used concept of an ancient Indian curse wreaking havoc on the lives of a modern couple: it’s actually populated by Indian–or, this being a Canadian publication, First Nations–people.


Patrick Senecal is Quebec’s top horror novelist. AGAINST GOD, the first-ever English translation of a Senecal novel, provides a potent glimpse of what we Anglophones have been missing.


An extremely well made, thoughtful and unique film, the French-Canadian MARTYRS (2008) is a good movie by most standards, but it’s also a profoundly fucked-up one