Null Immortalis (Nemonymous Ten)

As a summation of all things Nemonymous I’m unsure how this volume rates (not having read the first seven installments), but as an example of the ineffable strangeness that defines these books it’s first rate.

The New Dead

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Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates

In HARRY AND THE PIRATES Harry is back in the driver’s seat. The book overall is far from the best of Lumley’s fiction, Necroscope related or otherwise, but is an enjoyable enough bit of old-fashioned cosmic horror.

Miss Tamara, the Reader

Like many of Zivkovic’s other books it’s extremely short, but, also like much of Zivkovic’s fiction, contains enough richness and inspiration to fill several mainstream novels.


A pretty standard Dean Koontz programmer with all the elements that marked his eighties-era novels: an absurdly virtuous hero, a sappy romance, a happy ending and a highly preachy, self-righteous air.


A subtly deranged, obliquely beautiful oddity. The thirty six stories in this short and pointed compendium of urban neurosis span the globe and the centuries, with each set in and named after a different city.


This profusely illustrated limited edition 2010 hardcover (which is already a collector’s item) was promoted as the definitive edition of this “neglected masterpiece,” featuring a newly written introduction by Colin Wilson and 12 short stories and a nonfiction piece by Visiak.

Magick and Misery

A collection of eleven short pieces by a Noncommissioned U.S. Army Officer and Iraq War veteran. This explains the impact of these ostensibly escapist tales, which aren’t unusually graphic or excessive but have a kick missing from most of today’s horror.