MadFoxesIf you like trashy exploitation this 1981 German jaw-dropper is ideal viewing, being a hilarious and appalling spectacle that must be seen to be disbelieved!  MAD FOXES was released on video (in Canada) as STRINGRAY 2, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with 1978’s comedic actioner STINGRAY. It’s actually a German-made exploiter that was originally titled LOS VIOLADORES. It stars exploitation movie mainstay Jose Gras, a.k.a. “Robert O’Neal” (of HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD and CONQUEST), and was directed by Paul Grau, a.k.a. “Paul Gray,” whose only other directorial credit is a 1983 sexploiter called SECHS SCHWEDINNEN AUF DER ALM.

Gras/O’Neal plays Hal, who’s first seen cruising in his stingray with the underaged Babsy. He’s accosted at a stoplight by a gang of neo-Nazi bikers, and runs one of them off the road in retaliation. The bikers get back at him by raping Babsy, a virgin (which we know because one her defilers reaches up her vagina to find out!).

Hal responds by summoning some karate nut friends, who beat the collective shit out of the bikers at the funeral of their colleague (the one Hal ran off the road). The rumble climaxes (so to speak) with the leader of the biker gang getting his dick cut off and shoved in his mouth. The surviving bikers are none too pleased, and respond the following day by massacring the karate guys with machine guns.

As for Hal, he leaves the traumatized Babsy at the hospital to canoodle with a girlfriend before heading off to his parents’ country house. Along the way he steals a hot chick away from her boyfriend, and after reaching his destination nails her twice. The next morning Hal demonstrates his shooting prowess by firing a rifle at a plane flying by overhead (luckily he misses), followed by yet another sexcapade.

But the bikers are hot on Hal’s trail, and arrive at the house shortly after he and his fuck mate leave to go horseback riding. The bikers waste no time impaling a gardener with his own shears, and go on to stab and shoot everyone in sight.

When Hall arrives home he’s appalled at what he sees, and elects to hunt down and slaughter the remaining bikers. He shoots several of them, blows another up via a hand grenade in a toilet, and even offs a Nazi-outfitted dominatrix while he’s at it!

Taken as pure cheesy exploitation, MAD FOXES is hard to beat. Resolutely cheap and trashy in both look and attitude, it revels in soft core sex, lurid gore and miscellaneous bad behavior. That last point is particularly evident in the depiction of the “hero,” who as played by Jose Gras is perhaps the single biggest scumbag in a film that contains more than its share of scumbags. The overwhelming seediness of the enterprise is further demonstrated by a mid-film bathtub sex scene that takes place in vile urine-colored bathwater.

Beyond that the film contains several car chases, a mass shootout, copious male and female full frontal nudity, a hilariously disco-fied dance number and some of the most inept Karate you’ll ever see, combined with some of the least convincing death scenes in film history. The near-existential bleakness of the ending suggests the filmmakers might have had some serious purpose in mind, but the film works best as a gleeful exercise in testosterone-fuelled excess.

I should add that the English dubbed cut of MAD FOXES is (for once) the version to see. Startlingly inept and packed with lines like “We’ve gotta give those pigs a good whipping!,” the dubbing job is downright appalling…and so fits right in with the film overall!

Vital Statistics

Reflection Film/Balcazar Producciones Cinematograficas

Director: “Paul Gray” (Paul Grau)
Producer: Erwin C. Dietrich
Screenplay Hans R. Walthard, Paul Grau, Melvin Quinones
Cinematography: Kurt Aeschbacher
Editing: Peter Baumgartner
Cast: “Robert O’Neal“ (Jose Gras), Laura Prenika, “Sally Sullivan” (Andrea Albani), Peter John Saunders, Brian Billings, Hank Sutter, Garry Mambrini, Ana Roca