BlackDevilDollThis digitally shot atrocity is foul, tasteless, irresponsible, gratuitously violent, morally repugnant, politically incorrect and utterly lacking in redeeming social value—in other words, a blast!

The 72 minute BLACK DEVIL DOLL, loosely inspired by the infamous 1984 abomination BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL, is the first-ever feature film from Rotten Cotton. Rotten Cotton (formerly Blackest Heart Media) is a fixture at horror conventions, and they announced BLACK DEVIL DOLL seemingly years in advance of its eventual 2009 DVD premiere. It was promoted with great mock-1970s grindhouse artwork by Stephen Romano (anyone familiar with Romano’s amazing book SHOCK FESTIVAL will recognize the style) and an irresistible catch phrase: “HE’S A LOVER! HE’S A KILLER! HE’S A MOTHERFUCKIN’ PUPPET!”  Romano also penned a 2009 novelization of BLACK DEVIL DOLL.

The film is said to have played at theatrical venues around the world. I wish I’d had a chance to see it at one of those theaters, as it’s definitely best appreciated in the company of a receptive audience (as the hilarious audience reaction track on the DVD proves).

Mubia Abul-Jama is executed for the rape and murder of sixteen Caucasian women. His last words before being deep fried: “I like to eat white butt!”

Heather is an airheaded teenager who one night plays around with Ouija board and inadvertently releases Mubia’s soul from Hell. Mubia somehow winds up animating a puppet, causing to it to turn black, sprout an afro and grow a huge cock! But even trapped inside a puppet, Mubia is Mubia: his first words as the devil doll are (addressing Heather) “Goddamn! Them is some big-ass titties!”

Heather is understandably apprehensive about this development, but comes to appreciate the black devil doll. The two start up a relationship, but it comes to a halt when Mubia declares he wants to fuck other women. He gets his chance when several of Heather’s hot girl friends turn up one day.

After convincing Heather to leave the house, Mubia uses this opportunity to do what he loves most: bang and kill white chicks! One of them he slips some roofies, screws and then stabs to death. Another he electrocutes in the bathtub before finishing himself off in her face.

From there Mubia fortifies himself by snorting cocaine and smoking crack, and then beats another of the skanks to death with a baseball bat. His next victim is Heather’s loser ex-boyfriend, who Mubia strangles and anally rapes. That leaves one last skank, a flatulent blonde who’s spent the day masturbating in the shower. It takes some doing, but Mubia manages to get her to fuck him—in time to slash her throat.

But then Heather returns…and she’s pissed!

Yes, this film is every bit as sleazy as you might expect, with something to offend absolutely everybody and a budget that was clearly slim to nonexistent. Offsetting this is the simple fact that it’s damn funny. It’s also—dare I say it?—well made, with director Jonathan Lewis proving himself fully up to the task of filming the beyond-outrageous script (co-written by Rotten Cotton’s head honcho Shawn Lewis) without compromise or apology.

In keeping with the overall tone, Lewis keeps his camera trained on chicks’ tits and asses throughout, and doesn’t skimp on the gore and soft-core fucking. There’s a demented energy to the film that never wanes; if anything the proceedings only grow steadily wilder and more psychotically inspired as the film advances, with certain moments—the black devil doll spraying diarrhea, a chick giving the thing a golden shower—that attain a real warped genius.

Kudos must also go to the title character. The acting of the flesh and blood co-stars isn’t exactly award-caliber, but I believe that in conception and execution Mubia the Black Devil Doll IS award-worthy. Mubia of course gets the film’s best dialogue (voiced by a digitally enhanced Shawn Lewis), which combined with a gaping jaw and moveable eyes make for an unforgettable creation. Unforgettable also describes the film as a whole: even if you’re not amused by BLACK DEVIL DOLL, I doubt you’ll find it boring.

Vital Statistics

Lowest Common Denominator Productions

Director: Jonathan Lewis
Producer: Shawn Lewis
Screenplay: Shawn Lewis, Mitchell Mayes
Cinematography: John Osteen
Editing: Jonathan Lewis, John Osteen
Cast: Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Christine Svendsen, Precious Cox(!), Erika Branich, Martin Boone, Shawn Lewis, Jonathan Lewis