Jack Ketchum: 1946-2018

This one hurt. Certainly there have been a lot of famous people deaths that have affected me, but this one impacted me especially

2017: Bedlam in Print

Assembling a best-books-of-the-year list is always a dicey proposition. Quite simply, nobody can be expected to track down and read every worthwhile book printed over the course of the previous year…

2017: The Year in Bedlam

What follows is the latest installment of the Year in Bedlam overview of the previous year’s best and worst movies, according to yours-truly

2017: A Look Back in Bedlam

Here we have the latest installment of my Look Back in Bedlam end-of-the-year overview of topics that are of particular interest to this site–and Bedlam, it turns out, was indeed the word for 2017